Team C2S

Also supported, inspired and constantly nudged by numerous students, friends, advisors and mentors. Thanks T20 (my first batch of students), Keshav bro, Anantika, Lipsa, Hemakshi, Mohan sir and many other people who lived life their way and chose the road less traveled.

What brought us here.

Hi. I’m Swathi.

I am a Comp Science grad by training – who worked for sometime as a Developer in Datawarehousing, later as a Probationary Officer with SBI with even brief stint and as a Senior Project Officer with a NGO for even briefer stint. Essentially, I chose to define and redefine life in my own way. In all these steps, joined by friends and driven by relevance.

Institutions should constantly update themselves to become relevant to human needs. One instance where I saw a Education Officer not involving in Education innovation, and when a Road Transport Officer chose to ignore road safety compelled me to think how I can get into the system. That’s when I quit my job and started preparing for the Civil Services Exam.

My preparation journey was unique in a way: I’ve put too much energy on too many subjects for too long a time – gaining mastery over parts, but missing the exam game – thus I was pushed down from the final rank list several times. This left me with immense perspectives and guides my actions as an activist and a community mobiliser. But my failure to clear the exam also gave me the motive to start C2S: to ensure that my peers avoid these mistakes: small yet powerful to push life by a year. I chose to be an Educator. An educator who can stand by your side and travel the journey along.

In this journey, I have found friends who resonate similar convictions about Civil Services values and are driven by passion to innovate. We joined hands, and here we are!

I spend my time reading books, making good conversations, and watching movies. Listening to Podcasts joined this club recently. On a typical day, you’ll find me learning a new course on EdX/ reading a book/ planning an event/ missing my tennis court, and occasionally watching Sony BBC. To know more about me and the values that drive C2S, links to my personal SM handles: