About Us

Our goal at C2S is to help committed, sincere and hardworking individuals clear the Civil Services Examination: through personal partnerships and programs.

What motivates us towards this goal, you may ask. One phrase: ‘belief in you’.

Every year, few lakhs of our youth are setting out on a mission: to do something for the society. They are walking the no-man’s land, ready to explore the woods and the mysteries it has in place. They are not bogged down by conformation, competition; just fuelled by confidence. Each of them are writing their own journeys.

In this journey, C2S, is your ally. We call ourselves ‘Citizens2Servants.’ We are here to support each individual who is inspired to listen, empathise and solve problems. We will stand with you in the personal transformation that you undergo from being a citizen to a servant.

While our long term mission is to offer trainings in all fields of service – Activism, Policy and Politics, we are beginning with the Civil Services Exam.

We are driven by 4 values: Relevance, Innovation, Disruption. Combining the power of technology, passion, research and experience – leads us towards our core value – Inclusion. Driven by these values, we equip students in 3 key pillars of the exam: Skills, Personality and Ideas.

Our Teaching Methods
Personality First

But what do we teach? Most of us already know so many things. We have abundant resources – information, strategies, materials – almost everything -but one is neglected. That is YOU. C2S believes in the unique personality traits, experiences and potential of each student who decides to prepare for the Civil Services Exam. Our personality helps us understand concepts with a unique ease, brings our personal touch to answers, and makes us stand firm amidst chaos. C2S is committed to preserve your personality and make it your biggest tool in preparation. Thus, we partner with each student to build upon their existing capacity.

Innovation and Disruption next

Our programs are backed by research, inputs from experts and exposure from interactions of team members with specialists in their respective fields. We put extra emphasis on designing relevant pedagogical methods to suit nature of the program. Any change has to be disruptive. We live in times where incremental change lost its ability to reform. Also the human capacity exploding – this is not the time to settle for less. We want to contribute to disruptive changes in system – and your personality has a role there.