Personal Mentor

Our Personal Mentorship program is catered to bring together all the needs of the Exam for 5 papers – Essay, GS1, GS2, GS3, GS4, and Personality Test. It is a 9-month program divided into two sections:
Prelims-cum-mains [6 months] + Prelims-only mode [3 months]

How’s it different from coaching?

Traditional classes impart only the theory in all papers. But, theoretical knowledge alone is not enough to crack the exam. Thus, we designed a
6-skill framework to make students’ exam ready.


We mentor each student to get the best of the textbooks – through Assignments, Discussions, and Peer reviews. The goal is to complete Mains Syllabus 4 months before Prelims, so as to switch into a Prelims-only mode for the last 4 months.

Critical Thinking

Understanding the linkages between papers, ability to read between the lines and having well informed opinions makes the exam journey smooth. This is more important now, with increasing difficulty of Prelims paper and the need for dynamic content generation in Mains papers. Through subjective MCQs and Short Answer Questions, we stimulate critical thought and refine them in our in-person discusssions.


UPSC Mains has 9 subjective papers – spanning across different subjects. Writing skills are needed to present understanding in a simple, clear and concise manner. Also, the ability to bring out our personality through answers is something that can be learnt through consistent practice. Our assignments and discussions help refine writing beyond daily answer writing assignments.


The ability to think clearly and present our thoughts in a structured manner is essential for Mains and Personality Test. We don’t wait till PT to inculcate this skill – our reflective journals and peer discussions strengthen articulation of candidates.

Team work

UPSC preparation is a long-drawn personal journey. At times, we feel lost, and need someone to talk to. From our experience with previous batches of students, building strong peer networks helped students not just with exam, but also gave them a network to fall back to.

Exam Readiness

Knowledge-score translation is the key to UPSC. Despite sound knowledge, many students fail to crack the exam paper. Our periodic mock tests and evaluation sessions help students to get exam ready before the UPSC tests them.

Modality of the program


The program works by selecting 20 students annually. Students are expected to give a test that helps the mentor understand their standing. It smoothens the journey further.


Weekly team circles help us connect, reflect and understand the subjects better. These interactions help realise our goal of Collective Learning.


Weekly Assignments as per the syllabus provides us an entry point to discussion.

Admission Process

To Enroll, please complete the below steps.

1. Go through the Test provided below, write your answers on any sheets.

2. Fill the Google form provided below, upload the scanned copy of your answers in the same.

3. Once the process is done, share your Name, Email on +91 846 398 3007 (whatsapp / Telegram) / to receive the confirmation .

4. This is not an assessment test. It is only intended for me to know you better so that we can work efficiently as a team. So please feel free to write in your usual style. Don’t consider this as an exam at all!  

Google Form:

P.S: If you have any questions, feel free to ping us on Telegram/ WhatsApp number +91 846 398 3007.

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