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Essay paper in UPSC is for 250 marks. Students are expected to write 2 Essays, of about 1200 words each. Each essay has to be picked from a bucket of 4 topics – giving sufficient choice. On how to write an Essay, this is what UPSC has to say:

“Candidates may be required to write essays on multiple topics. They will be expected to keep closely to the subject of the essay to arrange their ideas in orderly fashion, and to write concisely. Credit will be given for effective and exact expression.”

UPSC Notification

From the above statement, a good Essay requires the following:

1. Subject – Content
2. Orderly Fashion – Structure
3. Concise, Effective, Exact – Presentation
4. What else helps? – Innovation, Personal Touch,
5. On the whole – A good story

This paper has a unique place in Mains:

1. 1 paper – 250 marks
2. Only 2 Essays
3. Similar themes are repeated
4. Content already there – GS papers + Personality
5. Minimal effort – focused work on presenting our knowledge
6. UPSC awarded scores as high as 175!

C2S Approach:

For a starter, watch this short (2-hr) video where we were having a peer discussion on the Fundamentals of Essay Writing.

We believe that Essay Writing is similar to story building. We also firmly believe that students have enough content for Essay – from their own life and learning.

Our approach is to give a direction to this content by stimulating thought through:
1. Content (text and video) – to be provided framework – wise
2. Peer discussions – to collectively build knowledge by sharing experiences and learnings
3. Innovative tools – Outline Maps, Short Essays, article discussions, Template discussions
4. Tests – to test understanding, content presentation, argumentative capacity and simplicity of writing
5. Mentor discussions – periodic check-ins with the team

Core Essay Frameworks:

1. Polity
2. Economy
3. Environment
4. Indian Society
5. India & the World
6. Technology
7. Administration
8. Philosophy

Each framework is broken down into sub-topics. Content will be provided on all topics. Peer discussions will be held on specific themes that get students ready for the test. Tools will be used to enhance students’ confidence in writing.

How a typical test week looks like:
1. Material will be shared – content + guided outline maps + Qs for short essays + template documents
2. Peer discussion on a specific theme
3. Test paper will be shared
4. Check-in with the team

Hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

Fee: 8000 INR

8 weeks – 8 tests – 6 Sectional + 2 Full Length